Our Team

Dedicated Professionals


Naren Vasudeva

Director/ Physiotherapist

Naren completed a Bachelor in Physiotherapy (Hons) from the University of Queensland in addition to a Bachelor of Biomedical sciences. 

Naren has worked with athletes of all ages across a variety of sports including individuals from Tennis QLD and local Rugby and AFL teams.  He has also worked with national level baseball players, runners and weight lifters.

Naren also works outside the clinic ensuring the AFL Umpires can stay out on the field for the duration of the game and also helps with teaching at the University of Queensland. 

He is heavily into injury prevention and likes to make sure his patients are rehabilitated correctly for their specific needs.

In addition to treating sporting injuries Naren also has special interests in helping children overcome injuries and improve coordination and motor skills.  He can also assist with certain genetic paediatric conditions.  (*Please give us a call to discuss specific conditions to see if he can assist your child).


Christina Hart

Director / Physiotherapist

Christina became a Doctor of Physiotherapy after initially completing studies in Exercise Science and Physiotherapy.  

She has over 13 years of experience working with a variety of populations that include typical gym goers as well as semi and professional athletes.  In the past she has worked with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Basketball Association (NBA), and Australian and American Olympians.

Since coming to Brisbane Christina has been involved with several local sporting clubs across Rugby Union, Australian Rules Football and gymnastics.  She also has experience working with competitive Bodybuilders and Powerlifters. 

She enjoys figuring out the underlying causes of injuries so she can prevent reoccurrence and happily incorporates gym-based rehabilitation where applicable.

Christina also works for Rocktape Australia.  In this role she travels around teaching practitioners from all fields how to use modalities outside of what was taught at university to better address the needs of patients.