Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)


Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) causes pain around the kneecap and can also lead to clicking or grinding. 

The pain can be anywhere around the kneecap or can even feel like its deep inside the knee. 

This condition occurs when there is too much friction on the knee which causes repetitive rubbing of the kneecap on the surrounding structures. It is very common across all age groups.

The excessive friction can arise from tightness or weakness in the leg and hip muscles.  Luckily this condition responds well to proper treatment.

At Trilogy Physiotherapy our physiotherapists are very skilled at treating PFPS as it is one of the most common conditions they see. 

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Common Causes of PFPS

  • Overuse: Participating in a sport that requires a lot of running and/or jumping can put a lot of extra stress on your knee, which can result in patellofemoral pain . 

  • Muscle Imbalances or Weakness: If the muscles around your hip and knee aren't aligned properly or aren't strong enough to keep your kneecap where it should be, you may feel patellofemoral pain as a result. 

  • Injury: Sprains, fractures or other trauma to the kneecap have been linked to PFPS.

  • Surgery: There is an increased risk of PFPS after certain types of knee surgery.

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