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Lower back pain

Updated: Mar 21

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Is this an Acute episode or has it been going for a long time? Have you had an MRI or imaging that shows a bulging disc?

Unfortunately, the majority of people will succumb to this pain at some point in there life. Lower back pain effects approximately 1 in 7 individuals.

There are a multitude of reasons why people get lower back pain. Diabetes, Obesity and Stress have been linked to lower back pain . Your movement patterns and muscle activation timing can also play a part. Everyone, experiences different causes as to why they get it!

Whether, the episode is acute or chronic, our physiotherapists can help you find the reason why you are experiencing this pain and what can be done to help minimise or eliminate it.

What we tend to see is when people are in pain their movement reduces and they “brace” / hold their breath with big movements due to pain. One quick tip and take home message is move and take big breaths out on movement! Trust us this definitely helps!

Many studies have shown that findings on MRIs, does not always correlate to the pain that you are experiencing. For example, you may get an MRI due to intense pain and the report may show a bulging disc. But then your friend who has no back pain may get an MRI for something completely different and have their report show a bulging disc in the exact same location as your's. Of course MRIs can be very helpful, but they don't always tell the full story. So many other variables need to be considered which your physiotherapist can have a look at.

In summary, no matter what type of lower back pain you have physiotherapy will help get you moving and back to what you love to do.

Book now with one of our physiotherapists to have your back pain assessed.

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