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Patellofemoral Joint Syndrome

Updated: Mar 21

Patellofemoral Joint Syndrome (aka PFJ syndrome or “Runner’s Knee”) is a condition that causes pain and sometimes swelling around the kneecap. The pain tends to worsen over time and can be aggravated by activities such as running, squatting, jumping or climbing stairs or hills.

The pain can be felt anywhere around the kneecap, but often feels worse on one side or feels as though the pain is a deep ache behind the kneecap itself.

PFJ syndrome is typically caused from overload and overuse of the joint and surrounding structures. This overuse results from muscular imbalances around the knee, hip and/ or ankle which causes too much friction on the joint as it moves through its available range.

PFJ syndrome is extremely common in athletes of all ages and is seen in almost every sport that involves the lower body. At Trilogy Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists are very experienced with PFJ syndrome and will give you a plan that addresses the underlying imbalances rather than just treating the symptoms. By sorting out the surrounding tightness and/ or weaknesses, you will be able to move on from kneecap pain in a matter of weeks, not years.

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