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Squat Technique

Updated: Jan 27

This technique has been criticised for many years, and still is! So what is the ideal way to squat?

Doing a squat is a basic functional movement that we do on a day-to-day basis. Going to the toilet, picking objects of the floor are all incorporating a squat technique. But do you really think about your technique when you sit down to go to the toilet? Answer is probably not. So why are physiotherapists and trainers so pedantic about the way people squat?

Well, in clinic we tend to see many lower back or pelvis injuries from squatting. This can be either with weights or just picking up an object off the floor. There are many reasons as to why this can occur. Possible reasons could be lifting too much weight and poor technique. Yes, I said it poor technique. Recent research has highlighted a few key points that people need to think about with their squat technique, and this can help prevent injuries.

Those key points are: Neutral spine and a forward head gaze.

‘Neutral spine’ simply means trying to keep the spine straight as you can coming down. If you start bending too much through the spine, you can cause unwanted forces on different parts of your spine. This can lead to injuries. Yes, powerlifters bend a lot through their spines. However, they aren’t your average office workers. They have dedicated years of training to condition their bodies to endure these stresses. Your body is amazing and can adapt the things over time.

Forward head gaze simply means keep looking forward at a point as you come down into the squat. You can reduce forces placed on the neck and mid back if you keep it in this position.

These are a few key points that may help reduce injuries and keep you training. Your local physiotherapist will assess your technique and look at what else you need to consider when you are squatting.

If you have any questions please contact us, we are happy to help! Happy squatting 😊

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