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Why is it important to do preventative rehabilitation?

Preventative rehabilitation is when a therapist assesses your movements and determines where your deficits lie. From here they can give you strategies to help prevent any injury from occurring.

You don’t have to be an athlete to partake in this rehabilitation. Anyone at any age can do this.

Here are a few examples.

You could be a 40 year old office worker that spends most of the day sedentary. Physiotherapists can assess and discuss strategies to help prevent neck pain, lower back pain or any other conditions from occurring. This could be as simple as standing up every 30 minutes. If you are willing the therapist will incorporate one or more exercises that can help prevent certain conditions from occurring.

If you are an athlete of any age your physiotherapist can see how you move in your chosen sport and do a variety of mobility, balance and strength tests to see if you have any imbalances. By doing these tests you can help prevent overuse injuries, and potential season ending injuries.

You don’t have to be competing at a high level as well! Preventative rehabilitation can be applied to any individual.

If you are about to start running, a new sport, new manual job etc make sure you see a physiotherapist and get a full assessment done.

Our therapists here at Trilogy Physiotherapy pride themselves in ensuring patients can remain injury free!

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